Colored captures win number one on a hit off. 6/4/2018

June 4, 2018 – 09:00 PM

It look like Colored won after final round in game 4 but Grey had say on that Grey 2 hit the longest but Colored also had long hit that tie Grey 2  at end of final round Orange and Black were short of Grey 2 and Colored so it was tie between Grey 2 and Colored a tiebreaker had to decided the winner. In the tiebreaker Grey 2 hit a ground ball Colored came and hit a popup that pass Grey 2 for the win when i hit that popup i was like ahh that better pass Grey 2 said Colored and just did. Took threw games to pick up my first win said Colored but still good start to the season said Colored looking to win more games as season goes on.