Recap of the 2018 AWBBL Season 9/20/2018

September 20, 2018 – 01:53 AM

What a Season Orange had over 10 wins finish season with 12 wins and over 200 points Black also had great season with 5 wins and over 200 points Black also set record for most home runs in a season that has not bean confirm yet but Black sitting at 37 home runs already. Colored had kind of down season taking 3th place Colored won first place last couple of years this year Colored took 3th Colored had 7 wins with 195 points for the season. Big Blue took 4th and had 160 points Big Blue had couple of wins Yellow 3 took 5th with 146 points and with 1 win Grey 2 took 6th with 123 points and with one win. Yellow 2 with most world series will not make it to the playoffs Yellow 2 did have a win and had good last couple of games of the season. Grey 1 who won Game 29 for first win of the season took 8th place with 100 points Grey 1 was playing well last 3-4 games of the season.  Yellow 1 took last with 96 points with no wins on the season there no word yet if Yellow 1 comeing back next season.