Yellow 2 gets first win on the Season and stops Orange,Red-Black, Colored win trend. 8/13/2019

August 13, 2019 – 03:38 PM

Soon later someone else was going to win besides Colored or Orange or even Red-Black they have last dozen of games or so but in game 18 Yellow 2 new winner Yellow 2 first win this season and also big win for Yellow 2 who now even closer to last wild card spot. Know someone else had to win said Yellow 2 just when i have bean hitting well all season yaa had couple of bad games here there but in game 18 my best game this season said Yellow 2. Yellow 2 has 8 career world series looking for one more i havent made the playoffs in awhile not sense league change everything around i like make playoffs this season said Yellow 2 right now looking good with 11 games left said Yellow 2. Looking to win one or two more games said Yellow 2 that really help out said Yellow 2 just keep doing what im doing said Yellow 2.