Record set for most home runs combine and Record set for most homes in a game 8/22/2019

August 22, 2019 – 02:34 PM

How about that two records in one game for home runs there was total of 17 home runs by everyone Orange set a record with 4 home runs in a game in past there then bean threw 3 home runs a game but Orange is first get 4 in a game. In game 21 Orange had 4 Black had 3 Grey 1 had 2 Yellow 3 had 2 Big Blue had 1 Red Black had 1 Colored had 1 Yellow 2 had 1 Grey 2 had 1 and Yellow 1 had 1 thats right everyone had a home run. It was a crazy game said Black who had 3 home runs in a game it was home run after home run never seen anything like it said Black whitch is cool is everyone had a home run including Yellow 1 who bean close at getting first home this season would wee see another game like this never know said Black.