Orange keeps on winning! 9/9/2019

September 9, 2019 – 03:03 PM

Orange keeps on winning Orange is up to 11 wins on the season and Orange looking to win couple of more to get more wins then last season. Orange again beat out Colored to win game 24 same in game 23 Orange beat out Colored im just coming in the clutch said Orange when i need a big hit i get said Orange everyone in the league should know i hit pretty far so when they see me in the final round they need hit far if not im hit right pass them said Orange. Orange is almost raping up first place again Orange has a 28 point lead over Colored for first but with 5 games left in the season Orange could win first before game 27 or game 28 once i win first place nothing really get il get more points then last season for sure and maby more wins to last couple of games of season just keep hitting good dont want to lose my streak im on said Orange.