Yellow 2 pulls of the upset. Colored Clinch spot in the playoffs 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019 – 01:00 PM

With Yellow 2 needed a win badly stay in the wild card race Yellow 2 pulls of a upset Yellow 2 beat out Red-Black Orange and Colored to win Game 25 whitch is a huge win for Yellow 2 now Yellow 2 is 4 points back of Grey 2 for wild card spot. Maby this win keep things going for me said Yellow 2 with less then 5 games left i need to finish each game at least 5th or better have chance get in the playoffs this season said Yellow 2 also depends on what Grey 2 does and Big Blue does Yellow 2 has more wins what had last season Yellow 2 only has 1 wins last season this season Yellow 2 has 2 wins like get one more win that be really huge said Yellow 2. Colored is 2nd to clinch a spot in the playoffs now Colored is trying to hold Red-Black for 2nd to get bye in the 2nd round i dont think il catch up to Orange if i finish 2nd that be great becouse il get that first round bye said Colored.