Orange gets dozen win...Red-Black clinches a spot in the playoffs. 9/16/2019

September 16, 2019 – 11:00 PM

For 2nd season in a row Orange has won 12 games last season Orange won 12 games this season Orange has chance to win couple of more games this season Orange also has over 230 points on the season i think this is first time in long time that someone has this many points said Orange i like to get to 250 points said Orange but before that like rap up first place first then maby get to 250 points i think i might have good shot at winnign first place next game said Orange have about 30 point lead over Colored said Orange is this my best season ever said Orange oo yaa it is said Orange. Red-Black clinches spot in the playoffs be first time that Red-Black be in the playoffs this is Red-Black first season in the league bean great season so far said Red-Black next thing is try get 2nd get first round bye in the playoffs said Red-black see what happens.