Grey 1 gets first win on the season. Red-Black clinches a spot in the playoffs. 9/21/2019

September 21, 2019 – 05:16 PM

Grey 1 gets first win on the season thats bean Grey 1 trend last couple of years winning one game on the season threw years ago Grey 1 won opening day. This win might Grey 1  biggest win becouse gets Grey 1 closer to Wild card race with the win Grey 1 now only 13 points back of Big Blue and Grey 2 for 6th. This season bean great this might be my best season in long time said Grey 1 i like get in the playoffs becouse i havent bean in the playoffs in long long time said Grey 1 but first there 3 games left and i have do well next 3 game have a chance need keep what im doing each game said Grey 1. I should have least 3 wins this season bean couple of games were bean down to the wire said Grey 1 but i took 2nd or 3th out of thouse games said Grey 1 hope to finish strong said Grey 1. Red-Black is 3th to clinch a spot in the playoffs but Red-Black still has a shot at 2nd who ever take top 2 spots willl get a bye in the 1st round of the playoffs bean great first season for me said Red-Black i thought i will do well but look were im at said Red-Black i won first two games of the season i was shock when when i did that said Red-Black now look im in 3th maby get to 2nd by end of the season and get that bye in the 1st round said Red-Black see what happens.