Orange wins last game of the season. Grey 2 wild card winner! 10/1/2019

October 1, 2019 – 02:53 PM

Would you know Orange wins last game of the season Orange finishes season with 13 wins one win better then last season also Orange finishes season with over 250 points that is a record for most points in a season Black had about 250 points awhile back when Black join the league. I can say this is my best season ever said Orange i won 13 games that almost half of a season of wins said Orange now next thing is win the world series said Orange i see maby being little tough this time then last time said Orange see what happens.   Grey 2 back in the playoffs once again Grey 2 won wild card for 3th year in a row Grey 2 ended up taken 3th and that was best finish out of all of wild card contenders i had really good hit in the 3th round and pretyy much seal the deal said Grey 2. Hoping go little farther this time then last year playoffs said Grey 2.