Recap on the 2011 season

October 26, 2011 – 11:10 PM
Recap on the 2011 season Orange wins nutter first place in the season then lost in the playoffs in the Championship game to Black 6-5 in 6 inns. Red makes it to the playoffs and the postseason but lost early in both Red did take the wild card spot over Grey 1 Red beat Grey 1 in a short playoff game. Look like Black was going to win it all in the postseason but yellow 2 stop Black in the tracks yellow 2 was able to beat Black in both games in the world series twice that yellow 2 had to come back by winning all the games in the loser Bracket to get in the world series last that happen was in the 2007 season Grey 1 and Grey 2 failed to make it to the postseason again by not finishing in the top 6 in the season playoff game. Yellow 2 and Colored tie for longest home run this season This has bean one of best season over all seance This league started in 1998-1999 but back then states weren't keeping track. HOPE TO SEE EVERYBODY BACK AGAIN IN SPRING OF 2012 HAVE A GREAT REST OF FALL AND WINTER AND REMEMBER CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES THOUGH OUT THE WINTER ON THE UPCOMING SEASON.