Still not sure when season will start yellow 3 will join league.

March 26, 2012 – 02:00 PM
Hopefully April the season will start depending hows the weather is in April if the temps are in the 50s 60s 70s sure start season hopefully this season will get 40 games in but also depending how the weather goes and what else is going on around the area. Il post the data when the season will start on here and hopefully get most of the games on video and post them on you tube and on here preseason games are still going on hopefully get a game or two in this weak and maby get one of them on video. Yellow 3 says join are league that makes are league 9 bats so who every wins will get 9 points for a win yellow 3 bean hiting the ball good had a home run in the first preseason game let just see if yellow 3 can beat out the big bats this season.