Red Retire early

June 15, 2012 – 01:23 AM
Red announced retirement 2 weeks ago Reds says i dont think il be able finish the whole season i shouldn't start in the first place sooo Red Cuzen Big Blue will take Red place Red said il be keeping a eye on everything online. Here some facts on Red Red started in 1998-1999 season that was first ever Wiffleball Season that was held at Green view Field there was only 4 bats at that point Dark Black Blue Red Yellow 1 Red won first place in the season in 1999-2000 that same year Red won the champship Red didnt win anything untill this last past season Red won the wild car spot but then lost in the playoffs Red wasnt mutch of home run bat Red only hit 17 homes runs over the 14 years. Red retire in 2002-2003 but then came out of retirement 2 weeks ago red announced that im done for ever!!! Red greatest moment came last season last game of the season Red won in a playoff over Grey 2 and Grey 1 to take the last spot for the playoffs. Red is the first bat to retire Red will also be put in the hall of fame for time in the league and for titles Red be never forgotten but always remember Red time in the league RED GOOD LUCK IN THE FUTURE see you soon!!!!! ALso Red will be in the booth from time to time!!!