Yellow 3 wins First Ever game!!! Yellow 2 still slumping

July 11, 2012 – 01:48 AM
Yellow 3 wins first ever game look like orange was going to win 2nd in a row yellow 3 come though yellow 3 almost hit ball over the wood fence but was about 5 FT short yellow said i was trying to aim for the fence and it almost work out yellow said well i know i was going to win cause there was no way orange was pass were i landed at yellow 3 said i hope win more then one game hope to win maby 3 or 4 games. Yellow 3 is wild card leader by 6 points Colored still first by 4 points Yellow 2 still not doing good after 9 games Yellow 2 has 30 points but trail Yellow 3 by 17 points for wild card spot still plenty of time for yellow 2 to get going Yellow 2 said it just one of thous slumps were it take time to get out of you know when that slump over with said yellow 2.