Black wins Game 28 and Game 29 Wild card spot very very close

September 27, 2012 – 02:49 PM
Black wins Game 28 and Game 29 to pull over 200 points Black is the first ever bat to punch over the 200 point mark Orange had 171 points last season i wanted over 200 points said Black i bean placeing in the top 4 for in lot games this season final game of the season maby il play spoiler said Black with lol. Wild card spot way close Grey 2 and Grey 1 and Yellow 1 are out of the pitcher but Yellow 2 and Yellow 3 and orange are in the race for it Orange in 4th place if orange dous not finish at least 6th next game Orange could be trouble in not makeing the playoffs but that depend on how yellow 2 and 3 dous Yellow 2 can clinch with at least 5th place finish Yellow 3 have to least finish 3th or beater.