Recap of the 2012 AWBBL Season

October 2, 2012 – 02:00 PM
It came down to final game of the season to who will clinch the wild card spot Orange just did that Orange came though in the 4th round of game 30 to clinch the wild card spot i know it was going to be close said orange if i finish 7th or 8th or even 9th i will not even clinch 5th spot yellow 3 would of maby this year il get in the final round like i did last maby?? said orange. YELLOW 3 will end up in 6th place not nuth points to make it to the playoffs it was really fun said yellow 3 me and Yellow 2 will last 2 bats to hit and i was last one to hit i new it was going to be close for 5th and i new i needed a win to try to make it but when i saw that orange took 7th was like dont know if il make it but heyy i put up a good fight said yellow 3 i just know il have to do what did all season and hit good in the season-playoff game yellow 2 was rooting for me to lol said yellow 3. BLACK finish 1st for 2nd time of Black career way i was hiting the ball this season i new might had shot on wining first this season well i did i havent hit ball this good sence say 2006 that when i won 1st i had about 156 points that year. Black also became the first bat to reach 200 point mark. BIG BLUE became the first new member to reach the playoffs i said when i took over for red il make the playoffs well i did red should be pretty happy about that. BLACK will take on ether Big Blue or yellow 2 in 2nd round of playoffs Colored will take on Orange in round 1 winner of that game be in final round for the championship.