Open Registration and Evals

November 19, 2017
Our Registration for the 2017/2018 Auburn Youth Basketball Recreation Season is still open. Please register by visiting
Our enrollment is down from last year. Please enroll before 11/18 or you will need to pay an additional $30 late fee. After evaluations on 11/19 we will be creating the teams.
We will be having Recreation Evaluations on Sunday 11/19 at Auburn Middle School. As always we will not be evaluating the grades K-2. As of right now we will not be evaluating the Girls divisions because of the number of enrollments. We do ask though that all girls register as soon as possible and prior to 11/19 as enrollment is down in these divisions.
For the Jr and Sr boys divisions the following are times for the evaluations:
Sunday 11/19 Auburn Middle School
11am-12pm Boys Grades 3
12pm-1pm Boys Grades 4/5
1pm-2pm Boys Grades 6
2pm-3pm Boys Grades 7/8
Our K-2 Grades play after Noon on Saturdays at SWIS.
Jr Boys Grades 3-5 play their games morning to early afternoon on Saturdays at AMS and Practice 1 time a week.
Sr Boys Grades 6-9, Sr Girls Grades 6-9 and Jr Girls 3-5 all play Saturday Afternoons at AHS and have 1 practice a week.