1. The Gobagools- After 4 games the Gobagools are the only undefeated team at 4-0. Anthony Salvemini leads the league in strikeouts and is going for Cy Young and maybe an MVP. Gianni Marano, one of last year’s most powerful hitters, is having another good season and is second in hits and third in home runs. His almost perfect fielding compliments Salvemini’s pitching well giving them the best defense in the league. The Gobagools were the favorites for first place this year and it looks like they will be the 1 seed heading into the playoffs.

  2. The Americans- At 2-2, The Americans did not start off as strong as expected. After an MVP performance last year, Chris Fagan is still putting up good numbers. He is first in hits and third in home runs. His power numbers have gone down but he has become a much better pitcher than last season. Ryan Pacheco had an up and down start to the season. He has struck out more than any other player but is also tied for the league lead in home runs. If The Americans can clean up their play, then they can be a championship team.

  3. The Gingers- The Gingers are 1-2 and in third place. However, this rookie team is exceeding expectations. Danny Timmons is tied for first in home runs and has struck out 10 batters, putting him in third for that category. Kevin Julich is doing much better than expected. He is a decent hitter and proved that his hitting is not limited to the lesser pitchers of the league. All in all, this team is looking like a playoff team and with a little bit of luck they might be able to make a deep run.

  4. The Ralphies- There is a lot more bad than good after a 0-3 start for this team. Dan Palmieri is more worried about his arms getting dirty than winning. He’s the only player in the league that gets excited when they hit a foul ball. Mike Papaianni was the only hope for this team but then went on the DL. The only upside to this team is the newly acquired Joe Moschella. He showed a promising start to the season and if Moschella and Papaianni play together then maybe this team can win a game. If something doesn’t change then this will not be a playoff team and will probably finish in last place.