2019 Summer Volleyball Camps

All sessions will be focused on age-appropriate skill development.  Athletes will be challenged to use their skills in game-like situations as well.  There will be opportunities for athletes to develop leadership skills: positive attitude, hard work, encouraging, leading be example, etc.  The ideal Bowie volleyball player is skilled, smart, and a leader!

Due to construction on the Bowie campus, camps will be held off-site.  There will NOT be a concession stand at camp.  Campers are able to bring their own snacks to camp.  

If you plan to walk up and pay on the first day of camp, you still need to fill out the registration form so I can plan better, and to assure your daughter receives a camp t-shirt




July 24-26, 2019

4th-8th Grade Volleyball Camp - $125                          
Clint Small Middle School                                             
4801 Monterey Oaks Blvd                                            
Austin, TX 78749                                                        

9:00-11:30am - 4th-6th Grade                                   
12:00-2:30pm - 6th-8th Grade 
*6th graders can choose either session

 4th-8th Grade VB Camp Registration: https://forms.gle/dFnAwKbpT4uWa2vCA 

July 29-31, 2019

9th Grade Volleyball Camp - $125
Tony Burger Activity Center
3200 Jones Rd
Austin, TX 78745

1:00-3:30pm - 9th Grade

9th Grade VB Camp Registration: https://forms.gle/LBTHPu6LkvgnUf2G7 


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