Information Regarding 2020 BSC Season


Thank you for your interest in the Brazilian Soccer Club. We look forward to speaking with you more and getting to know your child/children as well! Here is some helpful information regarding Frequently Asked Questions and the upcoming season:


Brazilian Soccer club specializes in three different styles of soccer:

Field Soccer

Futsal (Indoor Soccer)

Beach Soccer


Seasons: (Start and End dates are not firm, may shift by a few days)

Winter/ Spring   Jan 6, thru June 20, 2020  (6months)

Fall  Aug 29 thru December 19, 2020 (4months)


Other Programs 

Pre- Season  Aug 3, thru Aug 28,2020 (1month)

Summer Camp  Jul 6, thru Jul 24,2020 (1full week for each category)



*Age cut off is January 1st*

Soccer School - Ages 4-5  6-7 years old

Soccer Academy - Ages 7-12 years old

Soccer Club - Ages 9-15 years old
                       U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U15