Play BYA Baseball or Tee-Ball for Almost Free!

Bring us a new sponsor and receive a registration discount!


We rely heavily on the generosity of our sponsors to keep BYA registration costs affordable for all players and their families.  We’re always looking for NEW sponsors to join the wonderful group of local businesses and individuals already providing support to our league.  We work hard to recruit and retain the sponsors who help support they BYA, but we could use your help.  Here’s how your help can pay off…. 

Maybe you know of a relative or friend who owns a business, or maybe the company you own or work for would like to become a sponsor… get the idea! 

Here’s how it works: 

If you bring a NEW sponsor to the BYA, we’ll give you a $15 credit towards your player(s) registration for the 2018 season.  We’ll credit you for up to 3 new sponsors (or $45 off your registration).  Accepted sponsorships could be in the form of a team sponsorship, fence sign, or both – but they must be NEW sponsors who didn’t support BYA last season. 

All new sponsors will enjoy the same benefits that a traditional BYA sponsorship brings (team name on player jerseys, company design on fence sign, etc.).  But most importantly, you and the new sponsor will enjoy the amazing feeling of helping the BYA provide affordable recreation to the boys and girls of our league.  And remember, all donations to the BYA are tax-deductible.

To claim your credit(s), have the new sponsor review and mail the Sponsorship Form here or they can register online.  Ask them to include your name in the ‘Referred By’ section on the form.   Once we receive payment from the new sponsor we’ll contact you on how to claim your credit.  That’s all there is to it!