Week 1 game of the week
Outlaws vs Swat
Back to back defending champs open the season vs the scrappy swat squad. It’s only right to give the outlaws the first game of the week. Calvi and the boys probably will start slow in this one but put up 15 in the 5th. Benny will hit 3 bombs and his hair won’t even move the entire game. Old timer Mccourt is limping around but will probably give it a go at short this week. Naugs is umping so chickie will need to find a way to beat swat and Naugs!
This swat squad put it together at the end of last year and gave teams fits. Can they ride that momentum into 2019 and will utley keep yelling at everyone??? Week 1 upset???
Prediction: Outlaws 28 Swat 17
Week 1 lock of the week 
Dirty Pigs over New Team 
No offense to the new team but the pigs were 1 out away from the ship last year and they look like their no one hit wonder. Lay the lumber on the pigs!!!