May 13, 2020

Link to LATEST Babe Ruth HQ guidelines

Hello to everyone. In these troubling times I wish I had some good news to share but unfortunately, I have no news at all. Obviously, all Babe Ruth activities are presently on hold until the virus is under control and the governor gives the green light. ( A bit of trivia: Andrew Cuomo’s father, former NY governor Mario, was once a professional baseball player. He played a couple years in the Pittsburgh system.) I remain optimistic we can still have some form of baseball this season but I also realize the longer social distancing is necessary the more difficult it will be to achieve any kind of normalcy. I have contacted Babe Ruth Headquarters regarding a refund of the money we have already submitted for charter and insurance. Was informed we can get a charter credit for each dropped team and refund of insurance fees with the proviso we must maintain at least one team chartered and insured; and we must request this by July 1st. (see NOTE from Babe Ruth League below).  Thus, even if we do nothing this summer we lose $240. The time is approaching when we must act to get a refund.
I’ve got so many questions and few answers.
  1. How long can we delay schedule before conflicting with family vacations and football
  2. What numbers will we have and how many will not play due to health concerns
  3. Because so many of us use school facilities will we be granted permission for fields or will they be on shutdown until school opens this fall
  4. How do we maintain some semblance of social distancing with car loads of players traveling to and from games
  5. If the season is totally scrapped could we have the option of a one day “fun” tournament. I’m thinking if not full teams perhaps four or five players per team with right field foul like when we were kids (or am I really that old); how about home run derby? Is there anyone who doesn’t like wiffle ball?
Our league meeting scheduled for Sunday, May 17, is of course canceled. The baseballs have been ordered and received, I’ll keep them until needed. I would like all of you to email me with your thoughts, input and concerns. The time is fast approaching when we need a sensible solution to an insane situation.


NOTE FROM BABE RUTH HQ:  For All Leagues - Please remember that if you have completed a charter and insurance for the 2020 season that you can do yearly add/drops until July 1st to match your league’s enrollment numbers. For any drop in team counts (and as in years past), the league will receive a credit on charter fees to use for the 2021 season and a refund for insurance (with the exception of one (1) Major team in both charter and insurance).