February Player Accounts - Update and Reminders

Click here to access February 18, 2020 Statement 

Expenses are updated through 6/18/2019 ... 

Questions? - please start by requesting a statement of your LAX Cash account from Jamie (Treasurer) so you can see specifically what has been entered in your account.

CBLBC can be the BEST fiscally responsible Booster Club if every member pays attention to and manages their LAX Cash Account balance.


  • REMEMBER - you may not spend LAX Cash you do not have.  Ideally, every member's balance would be zero or with no outstanding balances.  If you do not have enough LAX Cash in your account, you must pay for the difference with check or PayPal or cash.
  • The file is alphabetical by last name - but doesn't show any names.  You need to know your player code to identify your player's LAX Cash balance.  
  • If your account is "negative" (in other words, it says "-145.13") FANTASTIC!! you've earned money and the next time you have a CHS Boys Lacrosse bill to pay through the Booster Club, you can simply tell the Club "Please use my LAX Cash to pay for that!"  (The negative balance is the amount you have available in your account, you do not have any outstanding balances.)
  • If your account is "positive" (in other words it says "75.50"), this means you are currently in debt to the Booster Club.   The positive balance means that after subtracting what is in your account from what you have committed to, this is the amount still owed.  This could include spring break trip commitments for varsity players, tournaments played in the past, player gear.  Please make an effort to catch-up your account by direct payment, or by continued and active use of your King Soopers/Scrips Cards to continue to make deposits.
  • Did you notice there is a graduated player that owes about $900 dollars?  The current Board is working to prevent this in the future.  PLEASE - be responsible with your funds and bills.
  • Did you also notice there is a "graduated family" that has kept their King Soopers/Scrips donations going and they have built up over $1000 to donate to the ongoing success of the the Chatfield Lacrosse Program?  If you like - you can do that too!!!
  • As you near graduation, please pay attention to your LAX Cash Balance.  You choose how much you leave to the club - remaining funds are not refunded.  Remaining Balances are retained by the Club.  And if you owe, prepare to write a check to zero out your balance.

As always, if you have a question regarding your balance, please contact Jamie Francone, CBLBC Treasurer directly.