Five A's Players, One Coach Named To Buffalo MABL All Star Game

July 14, 2016

Tomorrow night the Buffalo MABL will host their annual All Star Game at 8:30pm at Sheridan Park. Each team in the game will consist of 13 players and is a showcase of the best talent the league has to offer.

There were five players from the Clarence A's roster named to the team: Drew Ailing, Anthony Castellani, Pat Doherty, Jimmy Honsberger, Jr., and PJ Martucci.

Ailing has had a standout rookie season for the A's, playing either third or second base and finding himself in the cleanup spot of a lineup that's averaging 6.6 runs scored per game. His .333 batting average, 7 RBI, and 1.078 OPS, along with his consistent playmaking in the field, earned him a spot on the team.

Castellani is another A's player in his first season with the team and he's shattered every expectation the team had coming into the season. He's currently batting .389 with an outstanding .600 OBP and 1.322 OPS, enough to frighten pitchers league-wide. Castellani has also displayed his incredible speed in center field, tracking down balls unimaginable and providing a strong arm, making it hard for runners to take bases on hits to the outfield.

Doherty is a cornerstone player for the A's, finishing up his fourth season with the team. After a slow start, Doherty has raised his batting average to .359 and is leading the team in extra base hits (7), home runs (3), and RBI (14) and currently holds a 1.361 OPS. His consistency in the field and on the mound is what he thrives on and it looks like there will be more of the same as we move into the playoffs.

Honsberger, Jr. is another fourth year A's player making a run at the team's Jay McKee Most Valuable Player award. Of all players that have played at least 6 games, he leads the team in batting average (.447), hits (17), and stolen bases (12) and has only one strikeout on the season. Honsberger, Jr. has also been a stud in the field, holding a .953 fielding percentage with 5 double plays.

Martucci is finishing off his third season with the organization and has been the power bat the A's have needed so desperately in the previous years. He has a triple and a home run in 10 games and has dropped his strikeouts to only 4 in 36 at bats. Martucci's ability to put the ball in play and move runners is his biggest improvement from last season and seems to have become his biggest strength during his 2016 campaign. On the mound, he's posted a remarkable 1.38 ERA with a 2-0 record, posting 20 strikeouts in only two starts.

A's manager Jordan Honsberger has been named as the coach of one of the teams in the All Star Game after running one of the top two teams in the Buffalo MABL. With lots of help from his team, Honsberger has put together a 9-3 team with a +46 run differential with two games left in the regular season.