Middletown Weeknight Modifed Free Agents

At Central Jersey Softball Association, we not only invite full teams to join, but individuals looking to join a team, meet new friends and enjoy playing the game regardless of level we have a place for you.  To be listed below please complete the Free Agents form on the league home page or click Free Agents. You will then be listed and team managers will contact you directly as they form their teams for the Spring leagues (run April-August) and Fall leagues (run September-November) .

If you are someone who likes to manage/run things then here is a great opportunity to do so by organizing a group of players. Thank you for your interested in Central Jersey Softball Association and have fun and play ball! 

* You must be 18 years or older to join & once you join a team, please notify: cnjsoftball@aol.com to be removed from the list*

2019 Free Agents: (Player listed from NEWEST add to OLDEST added)

Steve Lewis, Age: 55, positions: OF, 1B
email: onlybaseball@optonline.net, phone: 732.598.7117 (best way to contact is: Email)

Jonathan Mejia, Age: 36, positions: Any
email: jmejia82@gmail.com, phone: 732.300.7944 (best way to contact: Call/Text) 

Tim Dennis, Age: 28, positions: 1B, C
email: dennisfamilytim@gmail.com, phone: 732.823.2389 (best way to contact: Call/Text)

Louis Egnatovich, Age:27, positions: OF, 3B, SS, 2B

email: eggnats@yahoo.com, phone: 732.984.8343 (best way to contact: Call/Text)

James DiStasi, Age: 25, positions: Any (Brian DiStasi also wants to play on same team)
email: jamesdistasi@gmail.com, phone: 908.836.0694 (best way to contact is: Email)

Brian DiStasi, Age: 23, positions: Any (James DiStasi also wants to play on same team)
email: bdistasi@student.fdu.edu, phone: 732.609.2355 (best way to contact is:Email)

Sean Altes, Age: 31, positions: 2B, OF
email: sean.altes@gmail.com,  phone: 848.482.1600 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Jeremy Eyre, Age: 37, positions: Any (has 1-2 other players interested) 
email: jteyre@yahoo.com, phone: 302.419.8730 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Artie Gray, Age: 36, positions: 2B, RCF, RF 
email: godsentag@aol.com, phone: 347.992.4466 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Damian Luczyk, Age: 56, positions: P
email: dluczyk@optimum.net, phone: 201.961.3547 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Jose Ortiz, Age: 37, positions: Any OF
email: ortiz782@yahoo.com, phone: 908.472.8729 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

John Irace, Age: 29, positions: 3B, OF, 2B, Any
email: givan9012@gmail.com, phone: 908.566.8673 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Hiram Rivera, Age: 47, positions Any (has 2 other players interested)
email: mjayman1171@yahoo.com, phone: 732.616.4251 (best way to contact: Email)

Raquel Askew, Age: 38, positions: Anywhere on the left side
email: softballmorris@gmail.com, phone: 706.469.8451

Angel Rivera, Age: 51, positions: 3B, 2B, 1B
email: berrios2720@gmail.com, phone: 732.425.5372 (best way to contact is: Call/Text

Matt Soucy, Age: 28, positions: Any, except P or C
email: mttsoucy@gmail.com, phone: 732.664.5114 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Anthony Livoti, Age: 31, positions: OF, 1B, C
email: anthony_livoti@yahoo.com, phone: 631.988.4224 (best way to contact is Call/Text)

Blake Rodriguez, Age: 25, positions: Any
email: blakerod913@yahoo.com, phone: 817.253.7723 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Chris Kofsky, Age: 23, positions: SS, 2B, OF, 1B
email: tuh28082@temple.edu, phone: 908.510.5328 (best way to contact is: Email)

Zack Brown, Age: 29, positions: Any
email: zackevanbrown@gmail.com, phone: 914.584.7540 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Daniel Bielskie, Age: 43, positions: Any
email: dbielskie@yahoo.com, phone: 732.674.8014 (best way to contact is: Email)

Zach Caskey, Age, 28, positions: OF, 3B, 1B, C
email: zcaskey@outlook.com, phone: 847.344.0649 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

Ray Tomaszewski, Age: 30, positions: OF, 2B, 1B
email: raymondtomaszewski@gmail.com, phone: 732.615.7944 (best way to contact is: Call/Text) 

Chris McGovern, Age: 45, positions: RF, C
email: christopher.mcgovern@nationalgrid.com, phone: 917.299.3042 (best way to contact is: Email)

Richard Sansone, Age: 61, positions: Any
email: ricsansone@gmail.com, phone: 917.952.5270 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

John Herschell, Age: 32, positions: Any OF
sportsherox187@yahoo.com, phone: 732.762.3192 (best way to contact: Text/Call)

Chris Malloy, Age: 32, positions: 1B, 2B, 3B
email: chrismalloy2@gmail.com, phone: 917.567.4767 (best way to contact is: Call)

Wayne Perez, Age: 54, positions: OF, P
email: slickwarlords1026@yahoo.com, phone: 917.881.6241 (best way to contact is: Call)

Erik Hastrup, Age: 47, positions: 2B, 1B, OF
email: eebo21@gmail.com, phone: 908.568.9039 (best way to contact is: Email)

Derek Goodwin, Age: 31, positions: OF, SS, 3B
email: derek.w.goodwin@gmail.com, phone: 626.679.2637 (best way to contact is: Email)

Michael McCarthy, Age: 47, positions: C, 1B, OF
email: munson2016@comcast.net, phone: 732.887.7580 (best way to contact is: Email)

James Gilbarty, Age: 37, positions: Any IF
email: jgilbarty@yahoo.com, phone: 201.314.2022 (best way to contact is: Call)

Joseph Leopardi, Age: 36, positions: OF, 2B, SS, 3B
email: jleopardi7@gmail.com, phone: 732.668.5661 (best way to contact is: Email)

Nicholas Grimaldi, Age: 28, positions: Any OF
email: nicholasjgrimaldi@gmail.com,
phone: 732.620.2684 (best way to contact is: Email)  

Michael Brajer, Age: 33, positions: 2B, SS
email: michaelmbrajer@gmail.com, phone: 732.770.8029 (best way to contact is: Email)

Joe Zazzarino, Age 39, positions: P, 2B, 3B, 1B, C
email: jzazzarino@yahoo.com, phone: 732.275.5434 (best way to contact is: Call/Text)

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