Canadian National Oldtimers’ Baseball Federation

Annual General Meeting Minutes

Thursday August 2, 2018

1.     Welcome and Opening Remarks-

a.      Alf Blanchard thanked the organizing commit.  He reported that there will be a party at the Beer Garden Saturday night.  He reported that the website for the championship would be for all updated results and schedules. 

b.     Tim Lessard reminded everyone that rosters have to be signed by all players before they can play.  If a player is arriving late have him sign and give to the scorekeeper.


2.     Financial Report

Phil Beaudoin provided the financial report.  The biggest expenses are the awards for tournament winners and baseballs.  The CNOBF is approximately $700.00 in the hole for the 2017-2018 year.  There is a potential deficit for 2018-2019 of $2000.00. 

Motion to accept the report- Neil from Calgary, seconded by Gord from Woodlee.  All in favour


3.      Tournaments

There have been no bids yet for the 2019 Canadians (west) and the 2020 Canadians (Ontario) is also open for bids. 


4.      Old Business

a.      2017 Championships- 4 finals were rained out/cancelled with 4 divisions having co-champions.  All award money has to be used within 3 years with the hope that it is used the following season.  Trophies are a big expense. 

b.     In Hamilton in 2017 the city did not keep the promises made to the host committee leading to some unsatisfactory fields/field conditions. 



5.      New Business

a.      Insurance- Ontario has an easy insurance set up for teams

-       For 2019 insurance will be covered by registration fee, “game day insurance”

-       The cost is $75.00 per club

-       Ideal for teams picking up out of province players

-       You have 30 days after injury to file a claim

-       Let hosts/CNOBF board know ASAP if you will be filing (may need to look into developing an incident report form

-       Craig is to help deal with this



6.     2018 CNOBF  Championships

a.      Schedule- results will be updated as reports received.  The master schedule will be updated following tonight’s mulligan games.  It is important that all team officials verity the scores/inning played due to potential impact on tie breakers. 



7.     Ways to improve the CNOBF

a.      Message board on the website

b.     Player pool for tournaments



8.      Prizes

Tier 1 and 2- the board is to review financials and decide what can be afforded.  The amount of prize money awarded will decrease if you wait to use it when the championship is back in your region. 


9.      Hall of Fame

Phil Beaudoin made a presentation to Gary Neilson.  He has over 20 years of commitment to the CNOBF.   Everyone was reminded that the Hall of Fame is not just about being a player, it also includes builders and other personnel. 

Rich Knight made presentation to Alf Blanchard.


10.   Closing Remarks were made by Tim Lessard.  Motion to adjourn made by Neil of Calgary, seconded by Craig.  Motion passed.