By-Law for 9 player rule

By-Law for 9 player rule

Here is the modification to ASA Rule 4, Section 1.0


* We will allow teams to start and/or play with nine (9) players without taking an automatic out for the 10th player.

* If while playing with nine (9) players, a player needs to leave the game for whatever reason; a forfeit occurs if no subs are available.  You cannot play with eight (8) players. 

* If while playig with ie (9) players, one or more players show up at any point in the game; you may enter one player into ANY field position for a 10 player defense.  This player will also be added to the end of the batting order.

* If you choose to use a EP/EH, that player may also enter into the end of the batting order.  (ASA Rule-once you use the EH, you must utilize this position for the remainder of the game.)


(This by-law was voted on and passed at the league meeting March 13, 2013)