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October 12, 2007 – 04:00 PM
The Detroit Moose hockey team, which just won the Hockey North America National Championship in Toronto, is looking for a team sponsor in the 2007-2008 season. We would like your company to consider sponsoring our team this year.

Your sponsorship would help defray costs for our trip to Toronto in June 2008, where we received an automatic bid to return and defend our national championship title. Your sponsorship also would help contribute to any charity events that we participate in as a team during the upcoming season.

In return, our team will:

-- Wear a logo or patch on our jerseys promoting your business;

-- Mention your business as our sponsor and partner in all team articles posted on the Hockey North America web site at www.hna.com, which gets over 1 million hits per year.

-- Mention and publicly thank your company at any charity events that we attend;

-- Our team would frequent your business, use your services, and encourage other players in the league to frequent your business as well;

-- Our 2007 National Championship team photo plaque would be presented to your business for display;

-- Coordinate with you any charity event that our team could host that would involve your business, which would bring your business recognition and publicity.

Aside from playing hockey, our team believes in being active in the community and helping out others. We pledge to continue doing the same this summer and this season. Members of the team worked for a day in January at a Detroit soup kitchen, donated time and gave a financial donation. Prior to winning the national championship, our team visited the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and dropped off hundreds of toys for patients there. We purchased the toys through monies collected from team members and local businesses.

About the Detroit Moose and the Hockey North America league:

The Moose finished with an astounding 20-8-2 record during the 2006-2007 season, winning its division, the Detroit playoffs and then the championship on June 3. Our team featured Detroit HNA¡¦s league scoring champion Alec Lesko (he accumulated almost 90 points!), who hopes to win that title again next season.

We play in the Detroit HNA ``B¡¦¡¦ division -- one of the highest levels of play in the Detroit amateur market. Hockey North America is one of the largest organized amateur hockey leagues in North America, spanning hundreds of teams in 13 major cities, as close as Chicago and Cleveland and as far away as Calgary and Vancouver. The league has been around 27 years and there are 27 teams in the Detroit division.

All games are played in Detroit, Dearborn and Melvindale. Our season opener is in October.

The Moose is a team of 17 roster players ranging from mid 20s to mid 40s. In the past 6 seasons, the Moose has won its division title 5 times and traveled to Toronto each of those years to compete in the National Championships. The team won it all in 2003 and again this year.

While we are not professional hockey players, we are professionals in many other areas during the day. Players include several engineers, doctors, a well-respected surgeon (who actually had to stitch up a couple players on the bench last season!), salesmen, auto line workers, a tire shop owner, and a cable television manager.

We are a driven team that not only can get the job done on the ice, but also can get the job done to help the less fortunate in the community.

Would you like to be a part of our team?

If you are interested in sponsoring the Detroit Moose, please call Derek Fowler at 734-751-1199 (email dfo193731@aol.com ), Tom Varcie at 734-748-9660 (email tomvarcie@hotmail.com ), or Dr. Zachary Lewis, M.D. at 734-341-0155 (email zlewis01@comcast.net ).

Best Regards
Derek Fowler, Captain, Detroit Moose
Tom Varcie, Goalie, Detroit Moose
Zach Lewis, Assistant Captain, Detroit Moose