Announcing the BULLDOGS NEW "PayPal.Me/EBBulldogs" PAYMENT LINK

We are proud to announce that the Bulldogs have added a new, much simpler to use addition to PayPal on our site. We have had our password protected "Payment Center" for years and that system is still active.  With the Payment Center Link on the left side of the screen, you could make payments on specific items.  But it isn't the smartest system in the world.  To use it, you couldn't just put in the amount you wanted to pay and pay it.   Rather, we had to build a button with a specific dollar amount for you to spend.   And I had to walk you through the password section as well.  Not too efficient.

Well we are very excited about the new feature PayPal has just added called "PayPal.Me".  What PayPal.Me allows you to do is click the link and make a payment directly to us.  The link is www.PayPal.Me/EBBulldogs.  Just click the link and you can make a payment of any amount you choose.  When you do, we will be notified immediately.  FYI, You can also go to the "Link" section of the menu on the left and find the link to our PayPal.Me page there as well.

Now that said, our payment Center Link is still on the left side of this screen.  If you prefer this system, you can use it.  That said, it is password protected so, if you want to use that system, call us or shoot us an e-mail saying you want to register with PP. Once you do that, we will guide you through our pay center and it's simple to use system.

And as always, if you prefer, we take checks and cash as well.  Thanks and see you at practice,

Coach P