March 30, 2020

So we all know we are going through a difficult time.  Because of the virus, we have had to hit "the Pause button" our spring session.  We had started and had our 3 "Kickoff Workouts" plus 4 regular practices.  The first weekend of games was about to happen and then "BAM!", the virus hit and the world changed.  First off, let me assure all those people that signed up for spring already, you are still going to get your spring or ALPHA session, it will just get pushed back.  The Bulldogs will ALWAYS give you what you paid for.  But if you didn't sign up for spring but want to play, the good news is, we have limited space available in every grade.  We also have space in our Elite ALPHA program.    

Now I cant tell you the exact day we will start back up but my guess is Friday May 1 or Tues, May 5.  We are hoping to start our Spring Skills Clinic on Wed, May 13.  That all said, I can assure you, if you want to join now, we will have pro-rated pricing so you wont pay for anything you didn't get.  So if your interested in playing Spring Bulldogs, ALPHA or our Spring Skills Clinic, drop me an email at pgleclaire@comcast.net and I will get you all the information.  Everyone stay safe in these difficult times and we hope to see you all very soon,

Coach LeClaire