April 30, 2018
April 29, 2018
Stearns County League
Courtesy of Herman Lensing's Blog
Austin Imdieke not only earned the win in relief, but also had three hits in Elrosa’s win over Spring Hill.
The 2018 Stearns County League season is underway and the opening chapter saw teams battling a strong wind as they took to the field. Results of the day were: Elrosa-15 Spring Hill-9, Richmond-13 Greenwald-8, New Munich-8 Meire Grove-4, St. Martin-6 Lake Henry-0.
While the Martins and Lakers faced an incoming win, Spring Hill and Elrosa played with the wind blowing straight out. There was only one home run in the 15-9 Elrosa win. That was a three-run, third inning homer by Kevin Kuefler. The wind did however help seven hits drop in for doubles.  Five of them came for Elrosa. Ethan Vogt (2-5), James Kuefler (3-6), Derek Weiner (2-5), Brandon Roelike (1-1) and Austin Imdieke (3-5) all double for Elrosa.  Nathan Terres (1-5) and Owen Meyer (2-5) both doubled for Spring Hill. AJ Hadley also had three hits for Elrosa. Jordan Orbeck cam off the bench to have three hits for Spring Hill. The hitters were also aided by 12 errors, six for each team.   Elrosa’s Austin Imdieke earned the win in relief of Aaron Vogt. Ethan Vogt earned the save. Austin Schoenberg was charged with the loss.
Elrosa-15 Spring Hill-9
Elrosa                016 104 030-15 18 6
Spring Hill         032 121 000-  9 11 6
Elrosa: Kevin Kuefler 2-4 2r 4bi hr bb, Matt Schmitz 1-5 hp, Cody Eichers 0-5 r bi bb, Ethan Vogt 2-5 3r d James Kuefler 3-6 2r 2bi d, AJ Hadley 3-5 2bi bb, Evan Weiner r, Derek Weiner 2-5 2r bi d, Eddie Martin 0-1, Brady Weller 1-4 r bi, Brandon Roelike 1-1 r d bb, Austin Imdieke 3-4 2r bi d. Spring Hill: Eric Terres 1-5 bi, Nathan Terres r d, Jamie Terres 0-2 r 3bb, Austin Schoenberg 1-3 r bb, Anthony Revermann 0-4 r, Eric Barten 0-1, Eric Schoenberg 3-4, Dylan Meyer 0-1, Jordan Welle 0-2, Jordan Orbeck 3-3 bi sf, Brent Terres 0-4, Carter Tschida 0-1, Owen Meyer 2-4 2r bi d sf. Pitching: Aaron Vogt 3i 5h 5r 2er 2k 2bb, Imdieke-W 2.2i 4r 4er 2bb 2k, E. Vogt-S 3.1i 2h 3k bb; Welle 3i 7h 7r er bb k, A. Schoenberg-L 3i 2h 5r 4er 2bb 2k hp, B. Terres 1.2i h 3r er 3b k hp, E. Schoenberg 1.1i 3h k.