EGSA Board Meeting 4/9/2017





Team Rosters


Masks for the infielders (minors)

Discussion about providing masks for the infielders for 3 minors teams. Do we want to accept an anonymous donation for the purchase of masks for all infielders?  Board voted to accept the money and purchase facemasks for the minors kids (passed unanimously). Replacement padding will be purchased on an as needed basis.


Team practice and game schedules

Let Jason know about rain make up dates as soon as possible so he can contact Duffy so that the town will have the fields ready.


Team and Town contact lists



Housekeeping:background checks, player medical forms-Must have by first practice


Fields and field availability-confirm with Duff

They should have the pasture ready by the end of the week.


Insurance stuff for the town Should be in by Tomorrow or Tuesday.


Umpire meeting re-cap

Minors Rules: A continuous walk is like a base hit. If she takes a couple steps, stops and immediately goes back it’s fine. If she stops and waits then walks back it’s out. Once in the circle, they have to go back or go forward. Runner has to beat the ball to the bag.


Call time to argue, huddle off the field, appeal batting out of order and a runner leaving early (you don’t need to throw the ball back to the base). Safe, out, balls and strikes are not appealable.


There is no mandatory slide. Standing on the plate without the ball is obstruction. 10/20 rule: The batter has 10 seconds to get in the box or they can call a strike. The pitcher has 20 seconds to deliver a pitch once the batter is in the box.


Dropped third strike. The 1st baseman can use the orange part of the bag. That’s the only time they can use that part. Batter has access to first until they leave the field.


On an overthrow, the runner is awarded two bases. Delayed dead balls especially on an illegal pitch.


Opening day organization

-          Set food service. 

No new information. Gina will follow up with them tomorrow. They confirmed that they will do opening day. There should not be an issue.


- Back-up plans for electricity. 

            There is electricity to the shed. Jason will bring a generator just in case.


- How are we getting the food to cook. Freezers etc

Gina and Shelby will work out shopping. Whatever’s frozen we will just bring. Jason will throw a small fridge in the shed.


- Extra trash cans. Picnic tables. 

            Just need to ask the town. Duffy will handle.


- Tents

            We will buy two tents just to have them there. Shelby


- Are we doing raffles? 

Ladd is going to be doing the Yard Goats and he has a very good feeling that the mascot will be there. He’s in charge of this right now and we’ll let him run with it. Yes for the raffles. Jess is in charge of this. We will donate a sweatshirt and a registration. Shelby will make sure that we have enough tickets. Also, old catcher’s gear.


- How many people do we need? We have HS kids available, can they work the food truck instead of us.

Freshman don’t have a game. We need one adult working the food truck. Wherever there’s money being exchanged we want an adult present.

We need the schedule to confirm times.

5 adults on duty we will do a schedule

There will be a check in area for voucher tickets


- We will have sweatshirts 


- Tables

At least 4 tables for registration and raffles.


- Joanne Vandal will be doing pics again. We should get the pics back in mid May.


- National Anthem Singers? (2) opening ceremony's. And before Majors/Juniors games, which will go off around 3pm at the same time, so everyone can pause for the singing. 

Rex is going to look into this.


- Money Box(s) two people need to be present for the end of the day count. 




Should we as the board have name tags for this event? Parents don’t know the difference between the pasture and the road.


Warm up music in between.


Do we have EGSA banners? There should be some in the shed.


Do we want to have print out forms that parents can fill out? Medical release and/or volunteer forms? Yes, Matt will handle it.


We need somebody to take pictures. Gina has a person.


Players of the week and get them up on the website. Start getting them back in the papers.


Gina will continue to push getting back into the all stars!!!


Collins Creamery will be sponsoring a team.


Next meeting 4/23/17 At 7 pm


Respectfully Submitted,



David Pino

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