EGSA Agenda





-opening day

            Reviewed minutes from last meeting about opening day.

            We will have sweatshirts and Vandall will be doing pictures which should be ready by mid May.

            Shelby got pop ups but will return them for a better a deal.

            Coaches shirts and board member shirts.

            What are we doing about tickets for foods?

                        Shelby will divvy them up per team.

                        League directors will give a final head count per team.

            3 minimum at the food truck at all times.

            Can we have a little table set up for high school player check in? Yes: high school players will check in so that Andrea will have an accounting.

            Pictures will be by the library.

            The road will be closed

            2 people for the end of day count.

            Gina has a guy that will do pictures of the day. This has been confirmed.

            Collins Creamery will be sponsoring a team.

            Shirts were turned around very quickly this year so there were some sponsorships that weren’t put on shirts. We could do banners that team was sponsored by such and such company and it could be hung at games. Need hi res pdf of their logo.

            Duffy will handle the music

    for scores in the paper


Poster board and coloring stuff and the high school kids will make the signs Saturday morning.

Shelby has yellow and blue raffle tickets plus there are red ones in the shed.


Chuck a duck fundraiser: need ideas for prizes. Yard goat tickets? Raffle tickets? Get a ticket to win a good prize.

            5 gallon bucket, small plastic pool, sweatshirt, 4 pack of tickets, Enfield High School batgirl.


Discussion of registrations, late registrations, and uniforms.



-Snack Shack volunteers 2 people but need a coordinator

- Field reservations for practices, games not opening up Enfield St. or Barnard

            Still waiting for all Enfield teams before he opens the fields to other teams.


- Joint practices


- Scheduling high school players to help at practices

- Getting EHHS Softball schedule so teams can attend

- Equipment sign out

- Equipment up to par at all fields and season ready?

            Need some tiny home plates for additional hitting drills.

            Masks have been ordered and money collected

            Score books are in the shed


Player of the game but weekly. Make sure it’s unbiased.



CPR reimbursement?

            Motion to reimburse cost of cpr $135 split among the 5 people (Ladd, 2nd Duff) motion passed unanimously; Stebbins abstained from the vote because he took the class.



I'm picking up the fries probably Thursday.  The ramblers are confirmed.  Shelby and I are meeting Friday to do the Costco run.

Shelby is 415 too late for us to meet next Friday? 


The fries are being stored in Matt's freezer and I can store the rest of the frozen and refrigerated items. 


We will need several (at least 4 large or lots of various sizes) for the fries, sodas, water and meats.  Ell got large blue coolers, which are really for kegs, but the work really really well for sodas and waters for the food truck area, from Taylor rental.  They donated the rental. I secured it for ell under my name so if someone else wants to call we can see if they'll donate 2 for us to use Saturday. 

We will need lots of ice!  

            Duffy will handle this


If we need additional uniforms will we be able to get them? 

Jay’s Response: Yes on the uniforms. But each team has two extras. And Dave Pino's team has 5. We need to try and get additional uniforms from other teams before ordering more. I requested the numbers be concurrent on all the same color jerseys so we won't have duplicates. 


Meet time for Saturday is 7 am


Jay, Jason, Jonathan, Rex, Jessica, Shelby, Ladd, Andrea, Shelby, Duffy, Joshua, and Rich



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