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2019 Erie Lady Outlaws: (Registration)


ERIE LADY OUTLAWS Registration (Please Click above Lady Outlaw logo) 



If you have a daughter looking to play some travel softball how about giving the Erie Lady Outlaws a look. We will be offering a 10, 12 & 14U team and possibly an 8U team in 2019. 

Why choose the Erie Lady Outlaws?

1. No player FEE or registration FEE. (Your daughter plays for FREE).

2. No uniform FEE (Your daughter receives two new Under Armour jersey's and two pairs of  Under Armour pants).

3. No promises, no nepotism the best girls will play no favorites period.

4. Unlimited indoor practices (Gannon & Turf Zone in the winter) and a beautiful outdoor field (Haggerty Park) located in Erie throughout the summer and fall.. Once again no FEE. 

5. Our Organization is the most financially stable organization in Erie. 

6. Our coaches don't get paid, they don't get free hotels, our board of directors don't get paid.

-Our experienced coaching staff coach, because they love the game not looking for "extra money".

-Our board spends the time on our kids because they love the game not looking for payment.

7. We have FREE pitching lessons from current College pitchers in the Erie area.

8. Jeff Benedict hitting instructor: 

- All Region at Mercyhurst College (1996 & 1997)

- All PSAC Conference at Mercyhurst College (1996 & 1997) 

- Former MINOR League Baseball player Lafayette Leopards (1997)

- 11X Softball State Champion (9 Man, 10 Man & Fastpitch)

- ASA National Champion (2001)

- ASA National Runner-Up (5X's)

- ASA NIT National Champion (1995)

- Former 2X NIT Softball All American (1998 & 2002)

- Former 4X Softball All American (2001, 2003, 2004, 2008)

- ASA National Softaball batting Champion (2008)

- USSSA Modified World Runner-Up 

- USSSA All World Team (2001)

8. We can't promise your daughter a D1 scholarship or an Olympic gold medal but we can provide a family atmosphere, great friendships,  coaching by coaches who care about your daughter not your wallet.  

Your daughters talent will be pushed so we get the best out of her. She will not have to look over her shoulder when she has a bad game or play scared when wearing a Lady Outlaw uniform or worry that we are recruiting another girl to take her spot.

Give us a shot!


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