"I just want to take the time to thank you for putting on a class act hitting camp at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD yesterday.  My son wasn’t hugely keen on going, mostly because he is still in basketball season and hadn’t really changed gears yet.  Well, he was so fired up after completing your clinic.  He said this was the best clinic he’s gone to, and he has gone to many for both baseball and basketball.  He loved the personalized instruction he got and really feels like he walked away learning enough to make a difference in his game.  He didn’t feel like he was just going through the motions alone in mass.  He can’t wait to head to the next one we can get to.  Thank you for the attention you took in making sure this hitting clinic was geared for individual instruction and success.  We will definitely pass the word around, making sure everyone knows that if you don’t go to any others, make sure to go to an Elite camp or clinic of some kind."

- Laura Bayles