Directions for USA Baseball courses and background check:

Directions for USA Baseball courses and background check: 


1. Go to USA Baseball and create an account below is the link

2. Scroll down to the three courses we need to take and add each one to your cart, they are listed below:

     Sexual Misconduct Awareness Education

     Mandatory Reporting

     Emotional and Physical Misconduct

3. Check out of your cart.

4. Scroll to one of the course and click on it to start.

5. You can stop anywhere in the course and it will allow you to start where you left off.

6. At the completion of each course you can print off your certificate.

7. You need to complete all three courses before your account will give you credit of completion.

8. Fill out the Background Check form and submit it here is the link:

9. You will add this to your cart and checkout to begin your background check.

10. You will receive an answer within 48 hours.

11. They will email you saying yes or no.

12. When all are done your account will show courses that are completed and the back ground check will be marked green if you are good to go.