Dear Coaches:                                                                                                                                      

Attached you will find an Application Form and Rules of Eligibility for the 28th annual Upper St. Clair Athletic Association’s Boys Basketball Tournament to be held as follows:

7th, 8th Grade “B” Tournament

Thursday, January 23rd through Sunday, February 2th

5th, 6th, 7th, 8th Grade “A” Tournament

Thursday, February 27th through Sunday, March 8th

3rd and 4th Grade Open Tournament 

(If enough interest, we will hold a separate tournament for both 3rd and 4th) 

Saturday, March 14th through Sunday, March 22th

                                                                      5th, 6th Grade “B” Tournament         

Saturday, March 7th through Sunday, March 15th

All age groups will start at the same time and all divisions will have the championship games completed by the final day of the tournament.  Below are some tournament specifics:

1.                  Entry fee for all grade levels is $245 per team.  

Registration inquiries should be directed as follows:


Phone: Bob Kerber: 412-401-5326

Checks should be made payable to the USCAA and sent to:

Bob Kerber

2632 Rossmoor Drive

Pittsburgh, PA  15241

2.                  Round robin for all age groups.  

3.                  Guaranteed 3 games.

4.                  We encourage you to get your application and payment in as soon as possible.  


Only teams sponsored by local townships or school programs will be welcome.  Teams formed and organized only by parents will not be accepted into the tournament.  The same holds true for AAU and/or All-Star teams where players come from more than one township.

We encourage you to enter your team in the correct tournament.  Purposely putting an “A” team in a “B” tournament will do nothing but ruin the competitive nature of the games and defeat the tournament’s purpose.  It will also jeopardize future teams from your school district participating in the tournament.

The final decision for placement of the team will be made by the Tournament Director.  Placement should be consistent with your regular season placement – teams that have participated as A teams, or are made up primarily of players who participated on A teams, will not be permitted to enter the B tournament.

5.                  Teams that do not comply may be removed from the tournament at any time prior to the conclusion of the Championship Game and no refund will be provided.  Additionally, it will jeopardize future participation for teams from that community or school district.

6.                  Team roster forms are also included here and should be sent in with the application.  Coaches must be able to produce copies of birth certificates if requested.  Failure to supply them immediately will result in the game being forfeited.  Once the tournament begins, there can be no roster changes. 

No player may participate on more than one team in any of the annual Upper St. Clair tournaments regardless of classification.   

7.                  Weather delays and cancellations are possible.  The tournament schedule may be reduced or altered to assure completion of the tournament.  All efforts will be made to complete the tournament.  Upper St. Clair is not responsible for forfeits by other organizations.

8.                  The tournament committee will only reschedule games canceled due to inclement weather.   Additionally, the tournament committee has the right to alter schedules in the consolation rounds to avoid teams from playing repeat opponents or teams playing other teams from the same community or school district.

9.                  Any coach, player or spectator from a participating team acting in an unruly fashion or moving onto the playing area will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Refusal to abide will result in forfeiture by his/her team with NO REFUND and it will jeopardize future participation for teams from that community or school district.

10.              We will provide two paid referees per game.





11.              All players on the team must live in the SAME SCHOOL DISTRICT/ TOWNSHIP. 

Age restrictions as follows

8th grade – not have reached 15th birthday by 6-30-19

7th grade – not have reached 14th birthday by 6-30-19

6th grade – not have reached 13th birthday by 6-30-19

5th grade – not have reached 12th birthday by 6-30-19

4th grade – not have reached 11th birthday by 6-30-19

Players can play UP in grade but never DOWN in grade.  Players on any A Team cannot participate on any B Team (unless prior approval has been given).

Awards are purchased based on a maximum of 10 players per team.

12.              Team players and two coaches are admitted free for their games.  All other spectators will be charged an entry fee.

Tournament passes will be made available.

13.              Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase at the tournament site.

14.              For further information, contact:

USCAA Boys Basketball Commissioners:

Jay Sukernek – (412) 334-0975  

Bob Kerber – (412) 401-5326












(Please use one application per team)

TEAM NAME:           __________________________________________

GRADE & SCHOOL             ___________________________________


                3rd        _______                                  4th            ________

                5th “A”________                                 5th “B” ________

            6th “A” ________                                6th “B” ________

            7th “A” ________                                7th “B” ________

            8th “A” ________                                8th “B” ________

HEAD COACH:        NAME _______________________________ 

                                    PHONE # ______________________________

                                    E-MAIL ADDRESS ______________________________

ASSISTANT COACH:          NAME __________________________

                                                PHONE # ________________________


In consideration of your acceptance of this registration, I hereby acknowledge that I have advised all parents of the members of this team, of the liability waiver and have been advised, that all members will have health and/or accident insurance to cover any or all injuries that may be sustained in the USCAA 2020 Basketball Tournament. By the signing of this application you and the advised parents acknowledge that they release, discharge and agree, to hold harmless and not to sue, USCAA and/or the Upper St. Clair School District for any, claim, damages or cost that may arise from their participation in our tournament. My signature acknowledges reading this and understanding its implications.


SIGNATURE _______________________________________ DATE ________






TEAM NAME:           __________________________________________                                                                          

        NAME                                                    BIRTHDATE             UNIFORM #


























Normal basketball rules apply – For the purposes of this tournament; the rules of the Metro League will be used unless otherwise noted below. (all subject to change based at the discretion of the USCAA Commissioners)

              Normal basketball rules apply.

              Four 6 minute quarters (no running clock).

              Three minute overtimes

              Time Outs: 

o             Three full timeouts in pool play games.

o             For playoff games, regular high school rules apply (3 full and 2 30 second time outs per game).  One extra full for overtime games.

              Teams must have five players to start a game.

              Five-minute grace period exists.  Teams must be on the floor and ready to play no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled starting time or a forfeit may be called by the tournament directors.

              All players must wear numbered jerseys.

              Players without proof of age (birth certificates) will not be permitted to play.  No exceptions.  We will not collect the birth certificates but you must be able to produce upon request.  If you do not have available, the team will forfeit the game.

3rd and 4th Grade Only

              No 3 point field goals – except for last two minutes of the game.

              Three minute overtimes – which will serve as an extension of the final period 

              Back court defense (full-court press) permitted only in last two minutes of the half and game and all of overtime provided the team pressing does not lead by more than 15 points

              Free-Throws – Players must start behind the line, they may cross the line but cannot run in and get the rebound after a missed free throw.