August 6, 2013

"Where has this organization team played lately?"

Softball during your high school years is about growing as a player, being part of the best team possible, and playing in front of the college coaches where you want to be recruited to play.  If you want to play at the NCAA D1 or D2 level, then you need to be part of an organization that knows how and where to get players recruited into D1 or D2 schools.  If you want to play at the NAIA or Junior college level, then play for an organization that get players into those levels of competition.  What tournaments and showcases you play at will impact where you play college softball.

Where has the Force played?  The Force is the only Central Cal organization that has played in all the big recruiting showcases and Nationals tournaments.  The Force has competed in the ASA Gold Nationals (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma), Premier Girls Fastpitch Nationals (Huntington Beach, California), ASA 16U Nationals (Knoxville, Tennessee and Sunnyvale, California), Triple Crown Sports Nationals (Reno, Nevada and North Lake Tahoe California), Louisville Independence Day Tournament (Boulder Colorado), Champions Cup (Irvine, California), Bay Area Showcase (Sunnyvale, California),Triple Crown SoCal Showcases, (Hemet, California) and Surf City Tourneys, (Huntington Beach, California).  Other organizations will tell you they plan to play in these tournaments, but the key word is plan, because unless you have played there last year chances are very very slim you will play there this year. Some will play in a few, but only the Force will and has played in all of them.

Look at where players from their organization are playing in college now, but check the information, as some organization will say there players were recruited by a college, but never show up on the college softball roster.  This is the true indicator of an organization and the type of tournaments and showcases an organization plays in.  At the Force, we make it simple. Click on the tournament tab for our 16U and Gold team and see where our teams played this year.  Also, click on our link for our Force Alumni in College.  Click on the various players and click on their respective college link, it will take you straight to the college page where they are playing.  All of the Force class of 2013 will be playing collegiate softball.  Four will be playing at the D1 level, one at D3 and one in the NAIA.  Where are the other organization's 2013 class playing softball?  Is this where you want to play or do you want to play where Force players play?

The Force plays in these tournaments because that is where the D1 coaches are recruiting.  If you want to get recruited, then you have to play where the D1 coaches are recruiting.  So before you decide where to try out, due some research and look to see where that organization played the last few years; if you do, and you want a chance to play D1 college softball, then we will see you at the Force tryouts on August 17th and 18th at Tice Park.  Go Force, Think Pink!

 The Force recruits it’s high school players from our younger Force Teams.  If you want to increase your chances of playing on the Force’s High School teams in the future, then it is recommended that you start early and join a Force team now.  Tryouts are on August 10th and 11th at Tice Park.