Fuego Cool off Fever, 4-0


Kennia clears the zone during the Fuego's 4-0 victory over the CSA Fever


May 5, RESTON - The Fuego finally had the break-out game they’d been waiting for, scoring four first-half goals on their way to a convincing 4-0 pasting of the CSA Fever. 

The game started out with both teams pressing the attack.  Then co-Frankenball winner Jazz collected a pass from Sabrine on the right and fired a ball across the goal wide.  Kristen followed up a few minutes later when she got a pass from Julia and raced up the left, firing just over the net.  Moments later, Julia launched a ball that the goalie grabbed out of the air. 

About 15 minutes in, Jazz got a ball from Sabrine via Julia, broke around the defender, and beat the goalie on a shot into the far corner of the net for her first of three goals on the day. 

Moments later, Dasha got the ball deep into the zone, and lofted a perfect cross to Nina coming in from the left.  Nina and Brooke, who was also crashing the net, both got a whack at the ball, but the goalie saw the play develop and reacted in time to make the save.

A failed clearing pass was intercepted by Morgan, who fed Dasha on the right.  Dasha passed the ball into Amanda, who slid it back to Katie, who fired a high arching shot toward goal that beat the goalie but hit the crossbar and bounced out.

But Katie got a do-over when a few minutes later Jazz was fouled just outside the penalty area.  This time Katie nailed it into the corner of the net to give the Fuego a 2-0 lead.

There followed a number of scrambles in front of the goal that involved Jazz, Brooke, Amanda, Kristen and the opposing goalie. None resulted in a goal.

However, minutes later Jazz got behind the Fever defense on a pass from Kennia that Ellie redirected into the attacking zone.  As the goalie came out to challenge, Jazz calmly passed the ball by her and into the corner of the net for her second goal.

Jazz’s next goal came off of a clearing pass from co-Frankenball winner Pauline to Sabrine, who found Jazz ahead on the right.  Jazz raced toward goal.  Under pressure from a pursuing defender, Jazz launched the ball from outside the penalty area.  It sailed right over the goalie’s head and into the net, giving the Fuego a 4-0 lead and Jazz her first hat-trick of the season. 

The game had reached half time.

The second half belonged to the defense.  The Fever came out hot (sorry) and began to press the attack. Pauline, Kennia, Sara, Morgan, Rhi and Sarah, with help from Aby, Ellie, Julia, Amanda, Katie, Dasha, Kristen, Nina, and Sabrine worked together to keep the Fever at a safe distance from Caroline in goal. 

The pace and physical play got more intense as the game wore on and the Fever fought to score.  At one point, Pauline and a Fever player, both racing for the ball along the sideline, collided at full speed.  Pauline did a complete flip and landed on her head, but got up (eventually) growling, “I’m FINE!” and continued playing.

For a change Caroline actually had a relatively quiet day in goal, making several routine saves, but did have one heart-stopping moment when she faced down a breakaway, and made a spectacular diving one-handed save to knock the ball wide and preserve her second shut-out in as many games.

The game was not without its lighter moments either.  As is typical at Crabtree, balls flew into the woods throughout the game.  At one point, four balls were in the woods and the coach of the Fever picked up a fifth and tried to punt it to the ref in the near corner.  The ball sailed into the woods.  The embarrassed coach eventually retrieved the ball and play resumed.

It was a strong effort and a solid team win.  Great Job Fuego!