2020 Updated Covid 19 Safety Rules / Guidelines

September 10: We have had to make some changes to our normal tournament play.  These are a combination of guidelines from the State as well as common sense rules to keep our kids, parents and umpires safe.  All coaches are responsible for their teams and parents.  

1. All players, parents and coaches should maintain 6 ft social distancing. 

2. In order to keep exposure to a minimum all game times will be as follows:  7/8u 1:00 / all Softball will be 1:15  / All 9-18u Baseball will be 1:30.

3. No players or coaches may enter the dugouts until all other players equipment etc are out.

4. There can be no hand shakes or fist pumps before or after the games.  Please tip your hat to the opponents after the game from your dug outs.

5. All umpiring will be done behind the pitching mound with 6 ft spacing.

6. No coaches will be allowed on the field to disagree or argue a call.  Coaches must call the umpire to their dug out with all questions and remain 6ft away.  For the safety of all we will not allow aggressive arguing with any umpire or UIC. 

7. Please remind your parents that our venues do not allow outside food and drinks.  Our concessions and bathroom areas are being sanitized and cleaned regularly.  Our concession stands all have Food Safe personal on site.

8. We will limit the number of people in the dugout to 3. The rest of the players should be space out down the fence line, 6 feet apart. 

9. Any instances not listed above will be left up to our site director or UIC.  All teams and coaches must adhere to these rules for the safety of everyone involved.  All coaches will be held responsible for their players and parents.  Please keep all people who are sick at home.  Anyone sick or having bad allergies needs to take the week off.  If a team or parents is found breaking these rules your team may be asked to forfeit the game.


Thank you very much.  Rob