Call Ups: Certain players in 3rd grade have been invited to play with a 4th-5th Grade league team.  For players ready to do so, we encourage engagement at the next level in order to continue to challenge the, retain their interest, and develop continuity within our program.   If you have been connected to a 4-5th Coach the following rules apply:
    1) Call-ups will not be permitted to pitch. 
    2) Call-up players will be asked to attend practises and a limited number of games (and will play!)
    3) Call-up players might not be invited to ALL games, and the 4-5th Grade Coach will manage the invitation Game-by-game basis to ensure    proper player numbers are achieved.
    4) Players are called up primarily to learn and are expected to bring a positive and open minded attitude to their team
    5) Call Up players are expected to fully participate in their regularly scheduled 2-3rd grade team events on M-F’s.