A Note to Prospective Coaches


Okemos Youth Football, Inc.




Your selection as a Coach in the Okemos Youth Football Program is essentially an endorsement by the Okemos Youth

Football Board to provide a positive experience for the players and their families. As representative of the Program and our

community, Coaches are expected to hold themselves to the highest standard on and off the field. The role of Coach goes

beyond the obvious responsibility of on-field duties during practice and games. Among the additional responsibilities of an OYF Coach are the assistance in the recruitment of players, the promotion of the Program, management of your team, and

communication with your players and their families.


These duties are expected to be carried out in an efficient, honorable, and respectful manner. Assuming the role of Coach in the Okemos Youth Football Program is a great responsibility, and should be looked upon as a privilege.

Families are entrusting their player to you in order to develop strong character, physical abilities, enjoyment of the sport, and safety.


While winning is a natural expectation for a coach, this must come secondary to the obligation to the player and the team. Due to the nature of the sport, fielding a competitive team is a priority and adds to the enjoyment of the game.



However, transparency must be the first rule when determining player positions and playing time. The best defense against a charge of nepotism, or favoritism, is your players, who will always be able to tell if you are fair and honorable. They must know that hard work will be rewarded, rather than personal relationships. Further, your team will look to you to provide the example for sportsmanship, fairness and self-control. The most important thing to remember is the perception your players have of you.

They must always know that you will do the right thing.


To afford the highest degree of success for players choosing to continue their playing experience into High School, Coaches will be afforded the supplemental resources of the High School program.


This will include OYF Coaches having access to OHS Coaches concerning approach and technique.

Further, in order to provide the continuity necessary for this success, OYF Coaches will be required to attend four Coaches clinic sessions presented by the OHS Coaching Staff.


While Coaches will have the privilege of Coaching their teams as they see fit, the expectation of OYF is that the general

practice, guidelines, and expectations of the OHS Program will be honored and followed.

Additionally, OYF is committed to providing opportunities such as off-site seminars and clinics to insure our Coaches have all of the tools necessary to achieve the mission outlined.


Faithful adherence to the letter, and spirit, of these guidelines will afford Coaches the full support of OYF Inc. in their

successful role as Coach, including. We, the Okemos Youth Football Board, take the responsibility of coaching seriously and will scrutinize all coaches throughout the season to insure that these guidelines are followed.


The Okemos Youth Football, Inc. Board will review all applications. Prior to the determination of number, and make up, of

teams, only potential Head Coaches will be selected. The remainder of the coaching staff will not be chosen until after any

draft, in the case that multiple teams are required. The Board, based upon final registration numbers, shall confirm such a


Thank You,