2019 Volunteer Coaching Application


Personal Information:





First,                                        Middle,                                                Last




Street,                                       City,                                     State,                                   Zip


Contact Phone





Grade Level:  ( ) 4th   ( ) 5th   ( ) 6th   (  ) 7TH   (  ) 8TH    (  ) Any Grade


Choose what position is desired: (in order 1-3; 1 being the first choice)

Head Coach                     (  )

Assistant Head Coach     (  )

Assistant Coach                (  )

Each team will have one Head Coach, and one Assistant Head Coach. The Assistant Head Coach will take the place of the Head Coach when he is not on the field. Additional coaches will be considered simply Assistant Coaches.


Coaching Experience:


1. List previous teams you have coached. Please include age range, type of sport.  ____________________________________________________________________________________



2. For the age group of 4th-8th grade, what other activities have you been involved with? (i.e. - Scouts, room parent, Jr. Achievement).  __________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


3. What football experience do you have any? (if blank, we will assume you have none) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


4. Have you had any formal complaints against you while coaching? Have you ever been sanctioned, disciplined, or been given a formal warning from a league you have coached in?  .___________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




5. Do you have any time restrictions that will prevent you from attending any practices or games?
If yes, please explain.



6. Will you be coaching any other teams during the season? If yes, please explain. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


General Questions:


7. Do you have any children that will play football this season?    (  ) Yes    (  ) No


8. If yes, please list names __________________________________________________


9. If yes, is it your intention to coach the team they are playing on?    (  ) Yes    (  ) No


10. Would you like to coach with anyone else that has applied?

      If so, please list_________________________________________________________


11. Is there anyone you would prefer not to coach with, that has applied or coached before?

       If so, please list _________________________________________________________


12. Have you ever been arrested, charged, or convicted of a crime?      (  ) Yes   (  ) No

      If yes, please explain _____________________________________________________



13. Have you ever been involved in an incident of child abuse or neglect as a parent or respondent?    

      ( ) Yes (  ) No    If yes, please explain the circumstance___________________________



14. References (List 3 people not related to you.)


      Name______________________________ Phone #________________



      Name______________________________ Phone #________________



      Name______________________________ Phone #________________



15. All coaches are required to be certified in Federal CDC Heads Up Concussion Training. The online course is available here:  http://www.cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html . At the conclusion of the online course, participants will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate must be included as an attachment to this application


Signing below indicates that you will uphold the Mission Statement and Coaching Guidelines set forth by Okemos Youth Football.



 __________________________________________________ _____________________________

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Please complete and submit to:

Email:  okemosyouthfootball@gmail.com 


Okemos Youth Football Inc.
PO Box 1313
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