We will supply a wrestling uniform and headgear to be returned at the end of the season. Wrestlers need to bring their own shoes (though we do have a limited supply of used shoes).

If you have braces, the rules require that you wear a mouthpiece. You can get one from your dentist or get an inexpensive one from any sporting goods store

You can buy wrestling shoes at most sporting goods stores, though they may have a limited number in kids' sizes; so it pays to get there early in the season. You can also get shoes online.

There is no reason to buy the more expensive shoes since the kids outgrow them in a year. (We are grateful for any contributions of wrestling shoes you have outgrown. We'll pass them on.) If you don't want to buy wrestling shoes, you can use ordinary tennis shoes,but please keep them only for wrestling. To keep the mat sanitary, street shoes should never be worn on a wrestling mat.