Haverford Heat 2019 Prep Team

To all the players who came to the Haverford Heat 2019 Prep Team tryouts, THANK YOU very much for showcasing your skills to the coaches.  

Here are the players who have made the Haverford Heat 2019 Prep Team: 

1.  Finnegan McPoyle

2. Brendan Aiken

3. Xander Kane

4. Dillon McGuire

5.  Petey DeMaio

6. John Sharkey

7. David Russo

8. Dylan Kraiza

9. Andrew Rosini

10. Will McCoach

11. Leo Knott

12. Nicholas McGlynn

13. Brendan Dougherty 

The Prep Coach will be contacting you shortly regarding your team practice schedule.  
Congratulations for making the 2019 Haverford Heat Prep Team - Good Luck This Season!!!