2020 HIT-N-RUN


 20 Year Anniversary!!!


Week 2 (7/6-7/10) - HITTING CAMP A - FULL / WAITLIST

Week 3 (7/13-7/17) - HITTING CAMP B - FULL / WAITLIST

Week 4 (7/20-7/24) - COMBO CAMP A - FULL / WAITLIST

Week 5 (7/27-7/31) - COMBO CAMP B - FULL / WAITLIST


*Due to the unfortunate cancellation of Week 1, we will conduct Week 6 as more of a Combo Camp

in order to provide those interested the opportunity to work on their defense and hitting.

Pitchers and Catchers will get their work as planned for this week!!


Should you be interested in having your son or daughter attend a week or more

of the Hit-n-Run Summer Camp, we will happily place you on the Waitlist for those current

weeks at capacity. Please email me at marcelgalligani@yahoo.com


Thank you to all for the overwhelming interest and support of the Hit-n-Run Summer Camp!!! 





Starting on Monday, July 6th, the Hit-n-Run Summer Camp will hold it's 5 week planned

schedule beginning with Week 2. Any and all families registered for week 1, are encouraged

to replace that week with any of the remaining five weeks by emailing me at



We are soooo excited to see all of our former and new campers this summer!!!

Thank you to our wonderful baseball community for all of your patience, support and trust

in the Hit-n-Run program, it is greatly appreciated!!!!!



Baseball and Softball at its most fun with music throughout the Day

* click here for 2020 Hit-N-Run CAMP Brochure and session description *


Bring the intensity, passion and love of the game and prepare yourself to be a part of The Future!!


If you are looking for a camp that provides your child with a wonderful learning experience and a great time, a camp with caring instructors who are motivated at ensuring each child leaves with a worthwhile and positive experience, then The Hit-N-Run Camp is the place for your child. Our caring and professional instructors care for each child as if they were their own. We at Hit-N-Run have had the pleasure of serving the White Plains and surrounding communities over the last 19 years with our fun and instructional yearly summer camp sessions. We are looking forward to celebrating our 20 year Anniversary!!!


Register, Learn and Enjoy!


6 Weekly Sessions from June 29th to August 7th at White Plains HS from 9am-1pm 

Week 1: Pitching and Defense - June 29 - July 3

Week 2: Hitting Camp A - July 6-10 

Week 3:Hitting Camp B - July 13-17

Week 4: Combo Week 1 - July 20-24

Week 5: Combo Week 2 - July 27-31 

Week 6: Catching and Pitching Week - August 3-7

 For detailed weekly camp session information click the 2020 Camp Brochure link above



                                  The Softball Ladies of Hit-N-Run Summer Camp


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