The Hamilton Minor Hockey Initiation Program partners with Hockey Canada to accept online registrations. This will save you time, allow you to register with a credit card (and make monthly payments), and ensure that all your information is kept up to date.

Registration is now open. Please read the information / instructions below prior to accessing the registration system via the link at the bottom of this page.

Prepare to Register:

  • If you require financial assistance, secure your funding and then contact us for details on how to register. Visit our Financial Assistance webpage to discover sources of funding.
  • You will need to know what Ward you live in. Visit the City of Hamilton website to find your ward number.

Decide on a Payment Method / Plan:

Our fee is $415 (credit card) OR $400 (eTransfer).  You may pay in full or choose an installment plan.

  • CREDIT CARDS – Monthly payment plans are available if you pay with a credit card:
Initial Payment 31-Oct 30-Nov Total
$145.00 $135.00 $135.00 $415.00

NOTE:  You will not see the monthly amounts inside the registration system until you reach the final check-out screen.
  •  eTRANSFER - Payment plans are also available by eTransfer:  
Initial Payment 31-Oct 30-Nov Total
$140.00 $130.00 $130.00 $400.00
NOTE:  The online registration system does not display the installment payments or the eTransfer registration price.  You will choose OTHER as your method of payment and checkout at the amount of $415.  It is your responsibility to send the eTransfers for the appropriate amounts (totalling $400) by the listed dates.
You must email your initial payment to 4hmhip@gmail.com within 14 days.  If you choose a payment plan it is your responsibility to ensure you send the future payments on the appropriate dates.  Please use your players’ first name as the answer to the security question.

The Online Registration Process:

  • When you open the link at the bottom of this page to our registration site, you will be asked to login. If you have not used the Hockey Canada website in the past, follow the link to create an account.
  • Once you have logged in, you will see “Register a New Participant”. Fill in the last and first name of your child (NOTE – this must match the name on the players’ birth certificate) along with their date of birth. If your child has played hockey in the past, regardless of where, their information should appear.  You can select your child and update any incorrect information.  If your player is new to hockey you will need to fill in the personal information.
  • All players will register for Under 7 (PreNovice / Hockey School). Every player will be evaluated at the beginning of the season and placed in the appropriate level based on ability.
  • At the address screen, you are only required to input a second address if your child lives in two different homes. Otherwise you can bypass the multiple address screens. You are required to fill in a secondary phone number and e-mail address. Emergency contact information must be completed.
  • After you complete the short survey and accept the waiver, you will be asked to review your registration. Go back and change any incorrect information.  A reminder that you will not see the details of the payment plan yet.  At this point, the payment system shows the full fee.
  • If you are only registering one child, click on the check-out button. If you have other children to register, click the add to cart button.
  • When you have filled in and checked all your information, click on the check-out button
  • Choose a payment method.
    • If you choose Other (eTransfer) your registration will be processed and you will receive a confirmation by email.
    • If you choose credit card you will be taken to the payment screen.  Choose full payment or the payment plan.  Enter your credit card information and the initial payment will be processed.  You will receive a receipt by email.

Follow Up:

  •  We require a birth certificate for all new players.  Please email one to 4hmhip@gmail.com.
  • All families are required to complete the Respect In Sport parent module.  If you have completed this module in the past you do not need complete it again.  Visit our Parent Respect in Sport webpage for details.
  • All families are required to complete the Rowan’s Law - Concussion Awareness module. Visit our Rowan’s Law webpage for details.  
  • If you chose Other (eTransfer) ensure you send your payment(s) in a timely fashion.
  • Players will not be considered registered until all payments are received in full.
  • File the receipt you received by email.  Duplicates cannot be issued.

If you have any questions please contact us at 4hmhip@gmail.com.

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