Mission, Goals, Values

Humboldt Eagles Baseball, American Legion Post 212


Our Mission…

To provide opportunities and exposure while competing at the highest levels in youth baseball and instilling

discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity. We are committed to helping our athletes make

their high school baseball teams, play collegiate baseball and possibly beyond.


Our Philosophy…

Character is revealed in times of adversity and baseball provides that adversity. By putting baseball players in

extremely competitive situations, we help them develop their character which will benefit them not only in

baseball, but also in life.


Our Program Goals…

1. Provide each player with the opportunity to learn, develop, and improve their baseball skills.

2. Create an environment that is conducive to positive athletic and social development of young players.

3. Field successful teams at all levels.

4. See as many players as possible play for their high schools, play collegiate ball and beyond.


Our Values…

1. Fitness - All players, of course, need to polish the basic skills and strategies of baseball but they also

need to develop coordination, work on overall flexibility, work on basic speed and agility and develop

general strength and endurance.

2. Practice, but practice the correct technique and mechanics.

3. Earn your playing time and your situational positions.

4. Respect yourself and others - Demonstrate the traits of good character as a person; on and off the


5. Pursue victory with honor, even when your opponent doesn't.

6. Camaraderie defines the essence of a team. A team defines the essence of the individual.

7. Personal Responsibility - Accept mistakes as opportunities to learn.

8. Perseverance – There are no short cuts to anything worthwhile, work harder than yesterday.