2018 Travel Coaches Selected

Congratulations to those selected as our travel coaches for the 2018 season!

  • Rookie Minor (2010's) - Vince Ruggirello
  • Rookie Major's (2009's) - VACANT*
  • Mosquito Minor/Mixed/Selects (2007's/2008's) - Kris Marentette*
  • Mosquito Major (2007's) - Paul Cornies
  • Peewee Minor/Mixed/Selects (2005's/2006's) - VACANT*
  • Peewee Major (2005's) - Mark Campbell
  • Bantam (2003/2004) - Brent Murray
  • Midget (2000-2002) - Matt Stephenson

* For Rookie Majors, Mosquito Minors and Peewee Minors, teams will be determined by player availability.
There is an opportunity for these programs to enter the season as a full-time Select team or Major/Minor split, competing as an OBA club.

Contact us for more details.