Program Letter to Spring Membership Families

January 20, 2020

Dear Lady Dragon Lacrosse Families,

It is hard to believe but the 2020 season is upon us and we are so excited to see all of our student athletes in action. Much has occurred over the last two years and especially over the last few months. This letter is intended to communicate the current state of Lady Dragon Lacrosse and where it is going. We acknowledge that there may have been a number of messages over the last week or two and it is necessary to clearly communicate to and update you, our Lady Dragon Lacrosse Family.

Name Change

Yes, you are seeing it everywhere. We have officially changed the organization’s name to Lady Dragon Lacrosse or LDL, for short. There were a number of things that drove this change, all for the positive. First, the program has legally and officially separated from the SCLA boys’ lacrosse program. This was a process that was 3 years in the making and was mutually agreed upon by all Board members from across the SCLA. This was an amicable and cooperative separation, meant to accomplish a number of objectives, which are noted below. Next, the name is directly intended to mirror all of the athletic programs within CISD (Lady Dragon Soccer, Lady Dragon Basketball, etc). This also assists in providing consistency and ease of transition, should lacrosse be selected as a UIL sport. Lastly, as it relates to our entire Southlake community – we are all Dragons and no longer will confusing initials separate our families on or off the field.

Entity Creation

As we noted above, we finalized a legal separation from the SCLA and the SCLA boys’ program as a final step in driving a very focused girls’ lacrosse program. The discussions around this separation began back in April of 2017 with a conscious acknowledgment that the program had been co-ed essentially since its creation. The SCLA was started 16 years ago with its first program being the girls’ lacrosse team consisting of 17 players. A boys’ team was quickly formed afterwards and from that day on, the program functioned as a co-ed organization. Together, we built a lacrosse program that is one of the strongest programs in the State of Texas. Together, we raised funds and drove the development of North Park. Together, we did a lot. To separate was not an easy decision but in the end, it was the right decision. We worked slowly and methodically to properly separate fiscal components, rebuild Board structures, establish focused marketing resources, and altogether ensure that each group would have complete equal footing and representation. Throughout this separation, it was important to us to maintain a broad sense of community and to ensure that both programs continue to work together as brother/sister programs. As of November of 2019, Lady Dragon Lacrosse became and is a stand-alone, healthy, girl-centric entity. The Board structure and Board members are as you see below with each member having one vote. All decision-making is done by majority votes with ties broken by super majority votes. We have also agreed to reserve two open spots on the board for previous SGLA family members and look forward to collaborating and operating in a fair and open-minded manner to support our girls. The Board will accept all interested parties for the open positions, then apply the standard process of interviews and a vote, to determine who obtains the seats. It is our goal to fill the open seats no later than February 1st.


President: Dan Lopez

Vice President: Shaun McGowan

Secretary: Amie Dumbleton (Open to applications)

Treasurer: Brian Pierret

HS/MS Director: Karen and Shaun Bowman (1 vote)

Youth Director: Jessica Amstater

Equipment and Facilities Director: Greg Grimes

Webmaster/Registrar: Alex Zaal

Head Coach/Program Director: Morgan McDonald

Marketing Director: Open to applications

New News

We are very excited to report that this year, and moving forward, we get to see all of our lady lacrosse players practicing, playing, and spending time together. For the past two years there have been two girl lacrosse programs in the community, each with their own fantastic experiences and joy. As of this past week, we are moving forward together, as one girls’ lacrosse program and we all couldn’t be happier. This decision was spurred by a recent rule change passed down by the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League (TGHSLL). Instead of interpreting the rule for you, we have provided it on our website at the following link: TGHSLL New Rule 1-5-20

This new rule assisted in an acknowledgment that all of our girls should be united, and on the field together, representing our community and Dragon nation. We ask that everyone foster a “moving forward” attitude and welcoming environment for all players and families, as we look to a phenomenal future of long-term success, fun, and family for Lady Dragon Lacrosse. All of our girls together unlocks our community’s true potential as a force to be reckoned with in this sport. We are truly stronger together.


General Program Direction

As we mentioned, we have worked very hard over the past 3 years to establish a best in class Athletic Program that is built for the girls’ long-term success. The Board structure is in place to provide oversight, direction, fiscal responsibility, organizational relationship management, and advise. Our coaching structure is responsible for driving player development, personal development, and success on and off the field. Lady Dragon Lacrosse has built an organization that provides paid coaches at each team level, with each coach being held responsible for the team they coach. Each coach reports to Coach Morgan as the Head Coach and Program Director who sets the vision and direction of player development. These coaches are all women with diverse educational and professional backgrounds. Every coach has previous lacrosse coaching experience and they have all played lacrosse at the collegiate level. We are extremely proud of the coaching staff Coach Morgan has built and look forward to watching them develop our Lady Dragons. We are keenly aware that we have families that have great experience and desire to be involved with the program and we graciously welcome any and all that have that desire. The LDL has already received commitments from the following parent coach volunteers: Greg Grimes at the Midde School level, Scott Day at the 5/6 grade level, and Shaun McGowan at the 3/4 level. All volunteer coaches will work with the given Team Coach to work in-tandem to assist in the development and performance of each team. We are proud to list the 2020 Lady Dragon Coaching Staff here:


Varsity:Morgan McDonald (Head Coach), Caleigh Coyne (Assistant Coach)

Junior Varsity:Jordan Osborne (Head Coach), Caileigh Coyne, Morgan McDonald

Middle School (7/8):Morgan McDonald & Lexus Tatge (volunteer Greg Grimes)

5/6:Kaitlyn Kormandy (volunteer Scott Day)

3/4:Lexus Tatge (volunteer Shaun McGowan)

K-2:Kaitlyn Kormandy

Program-wide Float Coach:Caileigh Coyne

A New Day

As we look forward, we are ecstatic to build off the success of last year’s Division 2 High School State Championship. Because of that success, LDL has been placed back into the Division 1 ranks. We are extremely optimistic that as all of our girls play together, we will prove to be amongst the most formidable programs at the Varsity and JV levels. Additionally, with focused attention and an acknowledgement that our youth needs are a bit different than our Middle School and High School athletes we have a revitalized focus on youth experiences. With dedicated Board member attention we anticipate a lot of smiling faces and players that will be well prepared as they progress through the different age group teams. Thank you to everyone for being a part of the Lady Dragon Lacrosse Family! As registration comes to a close and practices start, please keep an eye out for Coach/Team meetings, and as always, reach out to your designated coach or Board Member should you have any questions or concerns. All questions and concerns can be sent to We will be disseminating a full email list on the website soon as well as during your team meeting.


Go Dragons!


Lady Dragon Lacrosse


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